Advice and Tips on How to Set Up and Grow Your Author Website

If you want to create your own author website but don't know where to start, AWG is here to help! Not just with basic knowledge you need to have about websites, but with ideas for getting readers to actually visit it too!

Everybody knows that you need a website as an author these days. But it can be confusing and very research-intense process when starting from zero. There are tons of technical things to be aware of, like SEO, email list building, Hosting, Domains, HTML, CSS, WordPress, and others…  picking the right combination of things can be a total headache! Not to mention time consuming! 

Luckily, setting up and designing your website has become so much easier in 2019! You can set up your site in less than 20 minutes and start designing it with free tools. You no longer need to know coding and hardcore tech stuff. There are multiple good website platforms to choose from, lots of inexpensive and good hosting companies to house your website with and other great resources that save your time. You won’t need thousands of dollars for the website either! These days you can DIY it even for free (with some limits) or set up a very good DIY author website for less than $150.

Below you will find a collection of articles about author website setup, design, maintenance and marketing. They come from about 10 years of experience of creating and running all kinds of websites. I’ve distilled this experience (wins and blunders) into 9 articles. I recommend reading them one-by-one in the order they’re posted but obviously you can pick and choose what you need too.

NOTE: Some of the links on this website are affiliate links which will pay the bills for AWG expenses (so if you purchase with our link, AWG will get a commission from the company). All recommended resources are used on this website or are being tested to see if they actualy work. You don’t have to purchase anything using our affiliate links though. All information will be useful without it.


Why would an Indie Author need a website? If you have any doubts about usefulness of author websites and their influence on your career, take a look at what you would be losing out on without building your own author platform!

Don’t know what technical terms like HTML, SSL, CSS mean? Or  what is WordPress? This article details the terms that you should know and understand before doing a website or even hiring a designer.

Creating your website is becoming easier and easier but even with awesome platforms and resources that doesn’t mean mistakes will be avoided. Whichever website creation tool you’ll use, make sure to avoid these blunders. 

A step-by-step guide on how to create your website (with screenshots). Learn how to pick the right domain, hosting company and set up WordPress. You can have your website ready in less than 20 minutes and start designing it.

10 Great author website examples

Before diving into actually designing your website, check out these 10 examples to help you with inspiration, ideas. Explanations on why they work well are also included! 

Tips and Tricks for designing your author website

This article will share some useful tips and tricks for making your author website design better, prettier and process faster. From one WordPress tool that makes designing super easy to design tips, using these will help you design a better website.

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for what to write on your new website or blog, here are some content ideas that will help get your creative juices flowing! Bonus: 9 places where you can get more exposure to your writing and website.

Tips and tricks for maintaining your author website

This article talks about how to maintain your WordPress website, how to make sure it’s secure and loads up fast. We’ll review plugin options to save your time and peace of mind.

Marketing can be scary. Social Media too. Not only because without getting your name out there no one will discover your website and buy your books, but also because it can be hard to choose where to start and what to do. This article talks about marketing basics for social media that authors must know!

This is not the final list of articles. AWG will be maintained and updated every month to keep it relevant and will have more articles, resources and tips added as time goes. The goal is to make this THE most useful author website information source online. If you find it useful, please share this with your author friend who might need help with this! 

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